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Experience a smoother and more robust vaping experience thanks to the premium products on offer from the team at EzyVapes. Proudly stocking vaping equipment produced by internationally-renowned manufacturers, we have some of the best vaporizers for Dry Herb Vape, Wax Concentrates and Oil inhalation. Stylish, modern and available in multiple colours and sizes, you will find the best vape pen to suit your tastes, needs, and lifestyle when you shop with EzyVapes.

With our extensive range of exceptional and expertly-designed vapes and vaping accessories, it is no wonder that we are the best place to find your next vaporizer. Our online store services all of Australia, guaranteeing that no matter where you live you can have access to our exclusive range of innovative pen, portable and desktop vaping products.

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On our store, we sell:

Dry Herb/Concentrate/Oil Vaporizers 

Stocking the largest range of leading brands from all over the world, our dry herb/concentrate/oil vaporisers can be used for both aromatherapy and legal medical cannabis for approved users. More information on obtaining a prescription can be found here.

Zero Nicotine Disposable Vapes

Smokers have been finding ways to quit smoking in a successful and sustainable way to kick out the undesirable health impacts on their bodies. At EzyVapes, we believe that a gradual transition is the best way to kick out the smoking habits and transitioning to our range of zero nicotine disposable vapes, smokers can gradually and sustainably quit smoking altogether. Check out our range of disposable vapes here

Zero Nicotine Heat Not Burn IQOS sticks

Similar to our disposable vapes, we also have a great range of zero nicotine Heat Not Burn IQOS sticks that not only is not addictive due to the absence of nicotine, it also doesn't involve burning like a cigarette and therefore much better on the lungs as it is smokeless. Our range can of Heat Not Burn stick can be found here.

Grinders and other accessories 

We also have a great range of grinders and accessories that accompanies our vapes to make the vaping experience pleasant and hassle free.