Yocan Stix Thick Oil Vaporizer

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The Yocan STIX Thick Oil Vaporizer

Yocan is proud to introduce its newest portable vaporizer for oil concentrates, the Yocan STIX. The STIX comes in a simple yet stylish packaging and is available in different color options that are both for subtle and loud. The STIX features an all-new and redesigned cartridge called the independent storage. This unique oil chamber houses your favorite oil and provides a leak-proof reservoir that’s perfect for on-the-go vaping. It’s clear and transparent so you can easily tell how much material there is left in the cartridge to avoid burning your coils and suffering from bad tasting vapors.

The cartridge also works as a mouthpiece and provides users with a tighter airflow, allowing less air into the chamber to let more of your select oil concentrates into the vapor. This helps you experience better tasting vapors with fuller flavors. You can now taste the unique flavor notes and smell the distinct aromatic profiles of your select materials. The Yocan STIX is the ideal vaporizer for the flavor chasers who delight in lip-smacking vapors.

Yocan Stix - Unparalleled Portability

The Yocan STIX is one of the most portable vaporizer in today’s industry, and because of its leak-proof design the Yocan STIX is extremely travel-friendly. You can take it with you almost anywhere you go, experience the best tasting vapors when you’re on vacation, during beach escapades, ski trips, and even when you’re just comfortably sitting at the comfort of your own couch. The Yocan STIX is your perfect vaping companion, you no longer have to clean after messy oil spills. No more messy mishaps when you stash your oil vaporizer in your pocket, with the STIX, it's just pure vaping without the trouble.

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Advanced Ceramic Atomizer

The Yocan STIX uses an advanced ceramic atomizer to help you experience better tasting flavors every single hit. With the use of ceramic components, your oil concentrates can steep and will be absorbed by the ceramic in the atomizer. Ceramic is porous and inert nature, so it can subsume your liquid materials as it heats up allowing your vapors to retain the full flavors of the concentrated materials. This results to better tasting wisps of clouds, though you’re exchanging visible and dense vapor production, the delectable vapors are surely worth the trade.

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    Lawrence Autar
    Great lil device

    Bought from here before, good products, good price, fast delivery, good communication. Will definitely buy again!