LAVIE Mint Zero Nicotine Heat Not Burn IQOS Sticks

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  • Introducing the Nikotine Zero Heat Stick "LAVIE" from the brand "Pluscig". This is a new type of heat stick made from raw materials extracted from natural plants. You can easily suck it with your heated cigarettes device so you can feel free to experiment with it
  • Successfully applied for the Utility Patent and Invention Patent: This product is different from other types of heated heat sticks on the market or tea tobacco
  • Particles & Scent Features: Long lasting fragrance and easy to store. Higher carbonation rate up to 90%. Evenly distributes particles for a smooth taste. Utilizing a multi-herb compound formula, this product incorporates vegetable herbs, tea extracts, and natural spices to maximize the taste and aroma of tobacco. There is a sealing layer on the bottom to keep the fragrance well and prevent it from spilling after drawing
  • Maximum Safety: Lavie has been tested and certified to contain no harmful substances such as nicotine and heavy metals, so you can rest assured that it is safe to use. We use over 30 pure plant extracts, including cellulose, pectin, starch, tephyline and more
  • HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Filter tip cotton is made of polylactic acid (PLA) and is a new type of bio-based renewable expandable material. Uses renewable plant resources (such as corn, cassaba, etc.) to produce starch ingredients